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When we think about exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is that we should exercise to look after our body. What if exercise is just as important for your brain - would you give it more commitment?

So what does exercise do for your brain? 5 reasons how it works...

  • It increases your heart rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain.
  • It releases many hormones which all help to provide a nourishing environment for...
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PELVIC FLOOR - 2 little words that seem come up in conversation a lot more after you’ve had a baby! You may not have even been aware of it before you had a baby so what exactly is the Pelvic Floor and why is it important? Here are 5 things to know:

1. It’s a muscle.

The Pelvic Floor is actually a muscular sling like a hammock between the pubic bone and tailbone (coccyx) and it supports the...


Want be pain free and look good? Posture is the key - 3 tips for Mums.

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Most mums I meet return to work either full time or part time within 12 months of having their baby. I was one of them. I went back to work full-time and had to find a way to fit in work + family and exercise. Exercise helped me get it all done.

Getting your body moving (especially if you are sitting at a desk for most of day) shouldn’t be put in the “too hard or I don’t have the time” basket. It is more important than ever to keep...


I have seen a lot of mums come to my classes with sore necks and sore backs. It is a common complaint in those first 12 months of being a mum. From talking to quite a few of them, I do think there are some tips that can help reduce the chances of pain and soreness that I have learnt from being a mum myself and from specialist post-natal Phyios.

Pram Power 5 tips for new mums to reduce their chance of pain and soreness.

1. Best...

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Wanting to get fit again now that the baby’s here? Wanting to feel strong and powerful again? Well, the great news is that your tiny bundle of joy can really help you get there – and fast!

All you’ve got to do is think creatively about what ‘exercise’ really means and use what’s around you.

You’ve just given birth so now you have a baby and a pram. Together they give you enough resistance for a great workout.

So forget the...


Tips for a great Christmas family portrait:

  • get everyone to stand or sit very close together- no gaps, shoulder to shoulder
  • make sure you choose a neutral background, for example trees or bushes in your backyard
  • try and find a spot in the shade, without direct sun or dappled light and have the light behind you (the photographer)
  • If you have to shoot indoors avoid the flash and use a higher ISO setting like...