How much do Pram Power classes cost?

Pram Power membership plans and passes we offer are:

  • Pram Power unlimited sessions Monthly Membership is $99 per month
  • Pram Power 1x session per week Monthly Membership is $69 per month
  • 10 session pass is $189
  • 20 session pass is $299
  • Single visual casual pass $24.

We have priced our classes at a price we believe are accessible to new mums. Should there be a barrier to joining our classes due to financial constraints, we would be more than happy to discuss different options for you. Your health and well-being in most important to us. Please just let us know.

How do the kids benefit?

Pram Power offers time to sing, play and engage with your baby throughout the class. Babies love to wave, clap and high-five mum during the workout. The children participate in counting, abc's and other educational activities.

By modeling an active lifestyle our kids will follow our example to grow up active themselves, happy and a healthy weight. Kids who exercise are more aerobically fit and do better academically and emotionally.

What should I bring with me to class?

What happens if my baby cries during class?

No problem! Sometimes babies cry and everyone in the group has been there. You are always able to stop and do what you need to do to take care of your little one and there is always opportunity to catch up with the group. We keep things moving so that the kids are happy and entertained.

I just had a baby, when can I start?

Latest guidelines suggest physical activity can be resumed gradually after giving birth as soon as is medically safe, depending on the mode of delivery, and in the absence of other health issues.

Mums must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (or longer for cesarean delivery) and have clearance from their medical professional.

Exercise has been shown to reduce the severity of postnatal depression by 50-60% especially when undertaken in group environments (Ashby 2007). As little as 45 minutes 2 times per week is enough to promote wellbeing.

Why do kids need to stay in the pram unless the instructor advises?

The biggest reason is safety. We move quickly from place to place and most little feet cannot keep up. It is best to keep kids in the pram as once one is out, they all want to get out! Another main reason we try to be outdoors for as much of the year as possible is to provide kids with an environment of things to see. It is also a good idea to bring toys for your child to keep them entertained.

Towards the end of class we give the kids an opportunity to join in with some running and activities. This does depend on their age and the format of each session.

What happens in bad weather?

We still train. In the park there are undercover areas we can use. Please make sure your child is rugged up for the weather. If it is unsafe to train outside then we will use a local training room. Your trainer will keep you updated with any changes on the day.


Ashby, E. (2007). The effect of the 'Mother and baby' exercise program on new mothers psychological well-being and depressive symptoms. Masters Research thesis, School of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne.

Can I claim rebates for Pram Power classes on my Private Health Insurance?

Health fund rebates are available for customers with NIB and HCF.

If you are with NIB Health Fund and you've recently had a baby, you may be able to claim your Pram Power mum and baby exercise classes as a Wellbeing Extra. To be eligible you need to state you are undertaking a "'health management program' for treatment of a health related condition." By participating in a group exercise class, you may reduce your risk of post-natal depression by half.

Contact NIB directly to see what you are covered for. NIB is the only fund we have found to support Mum's wellbeing in this way. For more information follow this link:


The NIB Foundation have also supported the wellbeing of Mums by providing $441,000 to fund an Emotional Wellbeing program through the Gidget Foundation.

To find out about the HCF rebates follow this link:


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