How much do Pram Power classes cost?

Pram Power membership plans and passes we offer are:

  • Pram Power unlimited sessions Monthly Membership is $109 per month
  • Pram Power 1x session per week Monthly Membership is $69 per month
  • 10 session pass is $199
  • 20 session pass is $299
  • Single visual casual pass $24.

* We have priced our classes at a price we believe are accessible to new mums. If you have financial constraints that make the cost of our classes difficult, please just let us know and we would be more than happy to discuss different options for you.

It is most important to us that all mums have access to our classes.

What happens at a Pram Power class?

The class starts with a warm-up and posture reboot, then bodyweight strength exercises for bums & tummies. We'll take a pram walk or light jog around the park, then some fun cardio and strength exercises, (we use resistant bands too). We finish off the class with core exercises and stretching. Before you know it, the hour is done.

All our classes can but can be done at a pace that suits you - whether you're just getting back into exercise or want to up the intensity. There's no judgement, just a welcome group of mums who are keen to get outside, meet other mums and have fun exercising with their baby.

What happens if my baby cries during class?

That is totally ok!!! Please don’t worry if your baby cries, needs a cuddle, or a feed. It's totally ok to look after them as you need to. The class is very flexible - we’re all mums, we understand and have been there! Your trainer also loves giving cuddles and rocking the pram so you can get in a workout.

It can take some babies a couple of weeks to settle into a class but they all do and they enjoy it. If your little one is unsettled, please don’t give up - just give the class another try at no cost.

How do the kids benefit?

Pram Power is about getting out of the house with your baby. They love being outside, watching mum, other babies and listening. We count, play and interact with our babies during the workout (waving, clapping and baby workout exercises!)

Plus exercising in front of our kids, having fun and being active, our kids will follow our example to grow up active themselves, happy, and a healthy weight. Kids who exercise are more aerobically fit and do better academically and emotionally.

What should I bring with me to class?

Just bring yourself and your little one in the pram along with:

  • Water bottle & Sunscreen
  • A yoga mat or towel for core exercises
  • Anything your baby may need
  • Snacks and toys for toddlers

I just had a baby, when can I start?

Latest guidelines suggest physical activity can be resumed gradually after giving birth as soon as is medically safe, depending on the mode of delivery, and in the absence of other health issues.

Mums must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (or longer for cesarean delivery) and have clearance from their medical professional.

Exercise has been shown to reduce the severity of postnatal depression by 50-60% especially when undertaken in group environments (Ashby 2007). As little as 45 minutes 2 times per week is enough to promote wellbeing.

Does my baby need to stay in the pram?

There is no requirement that babies must stay in their prams. You are welcome to get your little one out - some mums will bring a play mat or use their yoga mat. Towards the end of class, we will do core exercises and stretches on our mats. Babies often enjoy being out with mum on the ground and watching.

Our classes always involve a pram walk/run around the park so please keep your little one buckled in the pram for this. It can help to put babies to sleep or if they are awake they enjoy being on the move in the pram. Toddlers also enjoy running around with mum and being part of the exercises.

Another main reason we try to be outdoors for as much of the year as possible is to provide kids with an environment of things to see. It is also a good idea to bring toys for your child to keep them entertained.

What happens in bad weather?

Because the weather can be unpredictable, we'll make a decision in the morning about any changes to the class and notify in our Whatsapp group.

Some locations have undercover areas that we can use. Please make sure your child is rugged up for the weather but it is fine to bring them out in their pram (with a rain cover) if it is wet.

If it is really nasty weather in the park then we will do an online zoom class so there is no need to leave the house. Your trainer will keep you updated with any changes on the day.


Ashby, E. (2007). The effect of the 'Mother and baby' exercise program on new mothers psychological well-being and depressive symptoms. Masters Research thesis, School of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne.