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Getting back to getting fit

Wanting to get fit again now that the baby’s here? Wanting to feel strong and powerful again? Well, the great news is that your tiny bundle of joy can really help you get there – and fast!

All you’ve got to do is think creatively about what ‘exercise’ really means and use what’s around you.

You’ve just given birth so now you have a baby and a pram. Together they give you enough resistance for a great workout.

So forget the old excuses like ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’m too tired,’ ‘It’s too hard to organise,’ or ‘Who’s going to mind the baby?’ Far from being an obstacle to getting fit, your baby is actually a precious asset and opportunity in your journey towards optimum health and fitness.

Just being a mum is intense physical activity. When you do it right you can enjoy the perfect workout.

Simply by being aware of how to push your pram, for example, you can engage your core, work your glutes, and get a gentle upper body workout – all at the same time.

So when you put your baby in the pram and go off to meet a friend for coffee or take the little one to playgroup, it’s a chance to enjoy a rewarding session of gentle exercise. Before you begin walking do five squats and five lunges. Get into the habit of linking that activity to a trigger – for example, touching the pram – and you’ll end up doing it automatically.

Another brilliantly effective thing to do is to just re-think the way you view your activity. Thinking of it as exercise produces measurable weight loss and improved blood pressure. According to US research involving hotel housekeepers, just changing one’s perception of routine actions improved blood pressure by as much as 10 per cent.

And it’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of the social aspect of exercise for new mothers. So grab another mum and get out there together. Together you’ll have more motivation and support to keep going.

Three things to think about:


1. Pushing your pram starts with great posture – by paying attention to your posture you activate stablising muscles in your neck, core and pelvis. These quiet hidden muscles keep you in good shape. You should not experience sore knees or neck and shoulders, but if you do, ask a physiotherapist to check you out as your stabliser muscles may not be working properly. What is great posture? Wrists in line with forearm, elbows by ribcage and lengthen through the back of the neck.


2. Squat basics – draw in your lower belly (This lifts your pelvic floor and activates the core). Keep the weight in your heels, without your toes lifting up. Imagine sitting down into a chair. Don’t let knees roll in or out.


3. Lunge basics – Back knee, hip and shoulder form a straight vertical line. Front knee stays behind the toes. Keep hips level.

Squats and lunges are great bodyweight exercises for getting your yummy mummy body back in shape. If you want to increase the load and quickly get a bigger burn, the secret is simple – just hug your baby gently to you as you do your workout. How’s that for a win/win!

This post was first published on Kidsizeliving Sydney City blog.