Does my baby need to stay in the pram?

There is no requirement that babies must stay in their prams. You are welcome to get your little one out - some mums will bring a play mat or use their yoga mat. Towards the end of class, we will do core exercises and stretches on our mats. Babies often enjoy being out with mum on the ground and watching.

Our classes always involve a pram walk/run around the park so please keep your little one buckled in the pram for this. It can help to put babies to sleep or if they are awake they enjoy being on the move in the pram. Toddlers also enjoy running around with mum and being part of the exercises.

Another main reason we try to be outdoors for as much of the year as possible is to provide kids with an environment of things to see. It is also a good idea to bring toys for your child to keep them entertained.