Can I claim rebates for Pram Power classes on my Private Health Insurance?

Health fund rebates are available for customers with NIB and HCF.

If you are with NIB Health Fund and you've recently had a baby, you may be able to claim your Pram Power mum and baby exercise classes as a Wellbeing Extra. To be eligible you need to state you are undertaking a "'health management program' for treatment of a health related condition." By participating in a group exercise class, you may reduce your risk of post-natal depression by half.

Contact NIB directly to see what you are covered for. NIB is the only fund we have found to support Mum's wellbeing in this way. For more information follow this link:

The NIB Foundation have also supported the wellbeing of Mums by providing $441,000 to fund an Emotional Wellbeing program through the Gidget Foundation.

To find out about the HCF rebates follow this link:

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